Naomi Watts

Although she had been performing for more than 15 years in her native Australia, actress Naomi Watts finally landed her breakthrough role when she was tapped by David Lynch to portray an aspiring starlet in "Mulholland ... Read more »
Born: 09/27/1968 in Shoreham, England, GB


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Although she had been performing for more than 15 years in her native Australia, actress Naomi Watts finally landed her breakthrough role when she was tapped by David Lynch to portray an aspiring starlet in "Mulholland Drive" (2001), the director's bizarre, darkly nightmarish vision of show business. Her vaunted turn propelled the unknown actress into stardom, resulting in leading roles in major Hollywood films and a healthy tabloid interest in her private life when she began dating fellow Aussie actor, Heath Ledger. Watts followed up by starring in the Japanese horror remake, "The Ring" (2002), while turning in an award-worthy performance as a wife and mother grieving the tragic loss of her family in the downbeat "21 Grams" (2003). She next displayed her wide range the following year with the relationship drama "We Don't Live Here Anymore" (2004), the historical drama "The Assassination of Richard Nixon" (2004), and David O. Russell's existential comedy "I [Heart] Huckabees" (2004). Watts reached her widest audience as the damsel in distress in Peter Jackson's "King Kong" (2005), while starring in the sequel "The Ring Two" (2005). After lower key movies like "Eastern Promises" (2007) and "The International" (2009), Watts flirted with further critical acclaim as exposed CIA agent Valerie Plame in "Fair Game" (2010) and a frantic mother searching for her family in "The Impossible" (2012), which underscored her reputation as one of Hollywood's most versatile and beautiful actresses.


Stephen Hopkins Director

Dated from 1999-2001 No longer together

Heath Ledger Director

Met in 2002 on the set of "Ned Kelly" (2004) Began dating in summer 2002 Separated briefly in 2003 Rekindled relationship in November 2003 Announced split in May 2004

Nikki Roberts Director


Hugh Roberts


Alexander Schreiber

Born July 25, 2007; father, Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber Narrator

Began dating in May 2005 Rumored to be engaged as of April 2006

Samuel Schreiber

Born Dec. 13, 2008; father, Liev Schreiber

Ben Watts Narrator


Myfanwy Watts

Separated from husband when Naomi was four years old; following Naomi's father's death in 1975, her mother relocated the family to North Wales, where they lived with Naomi's grandparents; moved the family to Sydney in 1982, when Naomi was 14

Peter Watts Narrator

Worked with the band Pink Floyd (his manic laugh kicks off The Dark Side of the Moon) Died in 1975, when Naomi was seven


North Sydney Girls High School

Classmates included Nicole Kidman



Co-starred with Ewan McGregor in "The Impossible," about a family's struggle to survive devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami


Cast in the biographical drama "J. Edgar," directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardo DiCaprio


Co-starred with Daniel Craig in Jim Sheridan's "Dream House"


Portrayed former CIA offier Valerie Plame in Doug Liman's "Fair Game"


Co-starred in Rodrigo García's independent feature "Mother and Child"


Teamed with Clive Owen and director Tom Tykwer for "The International"


Co-starred with Viggo Mortensen in "Easter Promises," playing a midwife investigating the death of a young girl


Starred in "The Painted Veil" with Edward Norton and Liev Schreiber


Cast in the Fay Wray role, as Ann Darrow in Peter Jackson's "King Kong" a remake of 1933 classic


Reprised her role of reporter Rachel Keller in "The Ring Two"


Cast in David O. Russell's ensemble comedy "I Heart Huckabees"


Cast alongside Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom in the Australian film "Ned Kelly"


Re-teamed with Sean Penn for "The Assassination of Richard Nixon"


Co-starred (also produced) with Mark Ruffalo, Laura Dern and Peter Krause in the independent, "We Don't Live Here Anymore"


Co-starred with Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro in director Alejandro González Iñárritu's "21 Grams"


Cast as Kate Hudson's sister in the Merchant-Ivory film "Le Divorce"


Played a reporter out to break a curse in the remake of the Japanese horror film "The Ring"


Co-starred with Brenda Blethyn and Alfred Molina in the British black comedy "Plots with a View"


Breakthrough role as an aspiring starlet in David Lynch's highly acclaimed "Mulholland Dr."


Had lead in the British TV drama "The Wyvern Mystery"


Played title role in the independent feature "Ellie Parker"; also co-produced


Portrayed the murder victim in the CBS drama "The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer"


Returned to Australia to co-star in "Strange Planet"


Had a supporting role in "Dangerous Beauty"


TV series debut on the short-lived NBC drama "Sleepwalkers"


Landed a supporting role as 'Jet Girl' in the cult feature "Tank Girl"


Made first Hollywood film, "Matinee"


Second collaboration with Duigan in "Wide Sargasso Sea"


Co-starred as a snobbish schoolgirl in the Australian film "Flirting"; first collaboration with director John Duigan


Had regular role on the Australian serial "Home and Away"


Film acting debut, "For Love Alone"


Relocated to Australia with mother and brother at age 14

Born in Shoreham, England

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"I think my spirit has taken a beating. The most painful thing has been the endless auditions. Knowing that you have something to offer, but not being able to show it, is so frustrating. As an unknown, you get treated badly. I auditioned and waited for things I did not have any belief in, but I needed the work and had to accept horrendous pieces of shit." – Watts quoted in London's Sunday Times, Jan. 6, 2002


"Well, there's a scene where I masturbate. I was really freaked but you don't bail out of a scene with David Lynch. I had a camera an inch away from my face, going down to my crotch. All I wanted to do was cry. While we were filming the scene, I happened to develop a case... hmmm, what's the word you'd use in print? I was on the toilet all day. I think it was nerves." – Watts on the most difficult scene to film for "Mulholland Dr." as quoted in Rolling Stone magazine, August 2001


"I saw someone that I felt had a tremendous talent, and I saw someone who had a beautiful soul, an intelligence, possibilities for a lot of different roles, so it was a beautiful package." – David Lynch on why he cast Watts in "Mulholland Dr." to The Los Angeles Times, Oct. 12, 2001


"My work is the only thing I've been able to depend on. I've never been completely secure in a relationship to the point where I've felt like I'm going to be completely taken care of emotionally." – Watts to Interview magazine, November 2001


"My twenties just floated by. I'm not sure if it was unawareness or arrogance. But in the past couple of years, I've become aware of who I am. Does that sound too corny? I've come alive as an actor and as a person. I've gained a lot of confidence. I'm one of those people who knows that if I'm up against too much, I retreat. I suck at auditions. Absolutely suck. I'm really shy." – Watts quoted in Movieline, November 2001


"Auditions are just so humiliating and degrading. You get a five-minute time slot for a part you've spent six hours or more studying for or thinking about, and you get into these rooms full of people who barely make eye contact. They're bored and frustrated that they can't find the right person, energy that is instantly crushing and which makes it hard to shine. Going through that process over and over, you become so wounded and guarded that it's impossible to give your best stuff away. That's why I will never forget what David Lynch did for me. When he cast me in 'Mulholland Dr.' I was literally at the lowest place, and yet he managed to pull away all those masks." – Watts quoted in Interview magazine, September 2002


"Look, I would be lying if I said hurtful things didn't hurt me. I am a sensitive person. Nobody knows anything about our relationship, so I can see why they would try to label it, and they are entitled to that, I suppose. That's what we get for being in the public eye. But I don't really have to get out there and defend it or define it in any way. It is ours, and I want to do my best to protect it." – Watts on the hurtful press about her relationship with Heath Ledger, quoted in W magazine, March 2004


"Naomi has the ability to draw an audience into the interior life of the characters she plays and yet she manages to conceal more than she reveals, so you're always wanting more." – Peter Jackson on Watts to Vanity Fair magazine, January 2006